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Hockliffe Parish Council Asset Overview

Discover the comprehensive list of assets managed by Hockliffe Parish Council, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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Understanding the Asset Register

The asset register of Hockliffe Parish Council is a detailed document that lists all assets owned or managed by the council. This includes everything from public spaces and equipment to buildings and infrastructure.

This register is crucial for managing the council’s assets efficiently, ensuring they are used effectively and maintained properly. It also plays a key role in financial planning and accountability.

By making this register available, we adhere to our commitment to transparency and community engagement, allowing residents to see how assets are utilised and maintained.

Visual Insights into Our Assets

A record of the assets belonging to Hockliffe Parish Council Meetings for the year 2024/25
AddedAssetLocation in HockliffeValue for Audit Purposes
Street Furniture (Pre 2005)
Brick Bus ShelterLeighton Road, Hockliffe£4,104.10
Brick Bus ShelterWatling Street, Hockliffe£4,105.13
2 Village SignsWatling Street, Hockliffe£1,198.23
3 Oak noticeboardsWoburn Road, Watling Street£1,796.83
NoticeboardWatling Street, Hockliffe£1,038.33
New Equip purchased 2005/2006
Teenage VillageKilby Road Recreation Ground£3,911.05
Youth CentreKilby Road Recreation Ground£4,237.35
Wildcat seat restsKilby Road Recreation Ground£327.44
Rutland BenchKilby Road Recreation Ground£537.59
SeatsKilby Road Recreation Ground£647.56
Equipment purchased 2006/2007
Combat CablewayKilby Road Recreation Ground£10,026.13
Equipment purchased 2007/8
Twin Double Arched swing & installationKilby Road Recreation Ground£3,157.79
Sidewinder seesaw & installationKilby Road Recreation Ground£1,492.19
Cranford seatKilby Road Recreation Ground£482.56
Equipment Purchased 2010/11
Pendulum Swing with basket seatKilby Road Recreation Ground£5,628.00
Equipment Purchased 2011/12
MUGAKilby Road Recreation Ground£48,436.60
MUGA FencingKilby Road Recreation Ground£2,391.00
Equipment Purchased 2015/16
Cemetery Gates (Parish Cemetery)New Cemetery, Church End£950.00
Wooden BenchLeighton Road, Hockliffe£179.00
Electrical CabinetKilby Road, Hockliffe£1,062.00
Equipment Purchased 2016/17
Wooden benchVillage Green, Church End£156.00
Chairs for ContainersKilby Road, Hockliffe£156.00
Tables x 3 for the ContainersKilby Road, Hockliffe£116.85
Equipment Purchased 2017/18
Cantilever Bus ShelterWatling Street, Hockliffe£6,000.00
Levitator Steel Core Rope Climbing UnitKilby Road Recreation Ground£12,950.00
Hags Nexus Freeride SwingKilby Road Recreation Ground£1,448.00
Zig Zag TwisterKilby Road Recreation Ground£900.00
Wicksteed Crazy TwisterKilby Road Recreation Ground£1,006.00
Air WalkerKilby Road Recreation Ground£765.00
Double Chest PressKilby Road Recreation Ground£1,475.00
Double Leg PressKilby Road Recreation Ground£840.00
Cross TrainerKilby Road Recreation Ground£1,095.00
Equipment Purchased 2020/21
Cemetery Gate (Churchyard)Churchyard£733.00
WW1 Tommy (Remembrance)A5/A4012 Junction£120.80
Large PlantersVarious village locations£1,520.31
Pressure Washer & AccessoriesHandyman£184.97
Small Planters (times 11)Various village locations£275.00
Equipment Transferred from ICD Support 2020/21
Defibrillator x 2Harvester & Business Park£2,000.00
Equipment Purchased 2021/22
Planters (2)Cemetery£90.00
Small Planters (15)Various village locations£374.25
Santa SuitHandyman£100.00
Kepal Explore Multiplay UnitKilby Road Recreation Ground£10,250.00
Scooter Spring RockerKilby Road Recreation Ground£640.00
Car Spring RockerKilby Road Recreation Ground£580.00
Safety Surfacing in play areasKilby Road Recreation Ground£10,854.00
Fencing & gate around play parkKilby Road Recreation Ground£2,780.00
Park BenchesKilby Road Recreation Ground£627.36
Equipment Purchased 2022/23
WW1 Lady TommyA5/A4012 Junction£175.00
Lamp Post PoppiesHandyman£111.99
Equipment Purchased 2024/25

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