Finance Reports

The majority of our Parish Council’s income comes from local taxes in the form of a ‘precept’.  The rules for how our Parish Council manages its finances are set down in our Financial Regulations.

Our Financial Regulations are reviewed regularly and agreed upon by the whole council.  

The Parish Council is responsible for controlling income and expenditure throughout the year to ensure that the Parish Council operates within the agreed budget.

The audit of accounts for the Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2020 has been concluded. The report from the Auditors is available from the links below.

The following document links relate to Budgets, Accounts, Parish Assets and Independent Audits carried out on behalf of Hockliffe Parish Council. Each download link will open in a new window and are viewable using a pdf reader.
DescriptionView Documents
Accounts summary @ 31.12.2021View Summary
Spend against Budget 2021/2022View Budget
Spend against Budget 2020/2021View Budget
Assets Register
Assets Register 2021/2022View Document
Notice of conclusion of the audit - 2021View Document
External Auditor's Report and Certificate 2020/2021View Document
Accounting Statement 2020/21 - AmendedView Document
Risk Register
RegisterView Register
Risk report actions @ 8.3.2021View Document
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