Notice of Memorial Safety Inspection 2nd September 2023

Tuesday 1 Aug 2023 | Hockliffe Cemetery, Parish Council

Notice is hereby given that Hockliffe Parish Council will be carrying out safety checks on all memorials within the cemeteries on the date shown above.

If you are a grave or memorial owner, you have a duty of care to maintain the memorial safely and abide by the cemetery regulations.

If your memorial fails the safety test and has not been adequately maintained, warning notices will be placed on the memorial. This will allow any grave deed owners and those responsible for the upkeep of memorials to contact the cemetery clerk and arrange for professional repairs to be carried out by a memorial stonemason to BRAMM standards. It is not the responsibility of the Parish Council to maintain memorials.

If a notice is placed on your memorial, you should contact us immediately.

We will make every effort to trace families of graves if an address is held in our records.

We will also place notices on the Parish and Cemetery notice boards and website informing grave / memorial owners of any unsafe memorials.

We have a responsibility to maintain a safe cemetery and this could involve laying flat memorials that are considered a danger or placing a notice/ warning sign on an unstable memorial.

We accept no responsibility if appropriate action must be taken to a memorial that is not to the liking of the grave owner, as ample warning has been given of the impending work. The safety work will be carried out to ensure that the cemetery remains a safe and pleasant place to visit.

Any grave owners or persons responsible for the upkeep of a memorial should contact us by email: if you are aware that your memorial is over 5 years old as we may not have your present contact details.

Please be aware that this work is necessary to ensure the safety of all visitors to our cemetery.