SANTA is coming to Ho Ho Hockliffe

Monday 23 Nov 2020 | Local News, Parish Council, People

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Santa has informed the Parish Council that he will be “safely” visiting Hockliffe on Sunday 13th December 2020 between 4pm and 6pm, so please put that in your diaries.Santa knows how difficult things have been for everyone lately, especially the children. So, he and his helpers will tour the village with a free token gift for children aged 10 and under. BUT, there will be strict measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Firstly, Santa will have to comply with the law and guidance in force. So, if there are any changes to the current situation, Santa may have to postpone his visit until the usual Christmas Eve. Watch out for any updates on the village Facebook Group or the Parish Council Facebook page and website.Santa asks everybody to please stick to these rules.

1. Gifts will only be given to children aged 10 and under who are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
2. Residents leaving their homes to see Santa must maintain a distance of at least two metres from others not in the same household, including Santa and his helpers.
3. Children and residents are encouraged to wave to Santa from a safe distance – no close proximity photographing will be allowed.
4. Santa’s helpers will safely distribute the gifts, making sure an appropriate distance is maintained.
5. Santa and his helpers will wear masks and gloves and carrying sanitiser.Santa has said he will sadly have to leave locations should anyone behave in a manner thought to be unsafe. (After all, Santa is very, very, very, very, very, very old and in a high-risk category).Santa’s route, starting at 4pm and ending at approximately 6pm:• Clifford Close – top end
• Clifford Close – bottom end
• Kilby Road – by the park
• Junction of Kilby Road/Birch’s Close
• Ninelands – far end by the garages
• Birch’s Close – in the cul de sac
• Blackbirds – just off A5
• Hockley Court
• White Horse Close – cul-de-sac by the Barns
• White Horse Close – cul-de-sac backing on to Manor Avenue
• White Horse Close – at the far end
• A5 slip road next door to Harvester – opposite Old White Horse
• Manor Avenue – cul-de-sac in old Manor Avenue.
• Manor Avenue – far end next to flats
• Gilpin Court – to include Woburn Road
• Augustus Road
• Outside the Church