Cllr. Robert Scott

Rob, was elected to the post of Chairman to Hockliffe Council in 2020.

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Cllr Rob Scott head and shoulder shot

Chairman’s Report 2021

It’s been two years since the last Annual Parish Meeting. In this time, covid has caused the world to change. We are still only allowed to meet virtually.

Luckily, during this time, we have appointed a new clerk – Colin who has seamlessly guided us through these changes. Colin has also overseen the building of our new website and Facebook page, claimed back many years of VAT, updated our policies and procedures, and archived hundreds of years of paperwork!

Since the last meeting, we have had an election which has seen Rachel, Paul, David, and myself uncontestably elected as parish councillors. We have subsequently co-opted Pam and Annie and more recently Lisa as parish councillors and for the first time in many years have a full council.

These two years have also seen many other successes and actions by the parish council. To highlight a few of these: –

    • Reduction of the speed limit on the A5 from 40mph to 30mph and continued work with Highways England, Councillor Mark Versallion and MP Andrew Selous with our aim to have the A5 ‘De-trunked’ through the village.
    • The implementation of the Speedwatch scheme will be ready to go once the covid restrictions are lifted.
    • Village Garden Services was appointed to our grounds maintenance contract and subsequently replaced this month with Goldleaf who I am certain will do a fine job going forward.
    • The sale and removal of the containers on the recreation ground.
    • The appointment of a new village handyman.
    • The improved colour version of the Hockliffe Herald and reduction in the cost of printing.
    • The replacement of the church gate and repair to the existing cemetery gate.
    • Funding the volunteer work that has been done by Blooming Hockliffe for the remembrance display and subsequently the flower displays around the village.
    • The creation of a new Neighbourhood Plan steering group and commitment to work with them on a new plan for the parish.
    • The erection of a Christmas tree despite covid restrictions which was almost an Easter tree by the time the restrictions eased enough for us to remove it
    • A covid safe Father Christmas around giving presents to the children of the
      village proving to be a great success thanks to the dedicated volunteers.

Moving forward, we have just had a tree survey and will look to have works done in our Recreation ground and Churchyard.

12th April 2021