Open Spaces Risk Assessment

Hockliffe Cemetery
Kilby Road Recreation Ground
Village Green


A clear notice is displayed at all three main sites informing the public of how to report hazards or concerns.


Open Spaces Risk Assessment

HazardPeople at riskControlRisk level
Paths in cemetery – slips /tripsPublic /employees• Visual inspections by Groundsman, PC members encouraged to report slip /trip hazards to Parish Clerk
• Prompt response to observed hazards
• Hazards to be marked by signs /cones and roped off if required
• Damage repaired as soon as possible if an H & S hazard Quarterly inspection by PC's cemetery committee Main footpaths gritted in icy conditions
• Leaves swept and cleared away in autumn
Grass areas – potholes, broken glass and litterEmployees /public• Grass areas inspected when grass is cut, and holes backfilled
• Any reports of broken glass to be responded to quickly and hazard marked until cleared
• Pest Controller to monitor more frequently if there is a significant increase in mole activity
Trees – falling branches, tree fallingDamage to people or property• Annual inspection and maintenance if required
• Groundsman keeps eyes open and reports any signs of damage
• PC members /public encouraged to report damaged trees
• Clear notice at each site explaining how to report concerns
Fixed furniture e.g. benches and equipment, litter and dog binsInjury to public• Benches, goalposts and equipment are securely fixed to the ground and in a safe condition
Regular checks by Safety Contractors
• Visual checks by a groundsman
• Any damage which is reported is repaired promptly or notified to CBC in the case of dog bins
• Visual checks by PC member
• Litter bins firmly fixed and inspected visually when emptied
Posts / markers /low fences/headstones etc.
Possible risk of falling object injuring public and /or employees
Trip hazards
• Ensure all objects are firmly fixed. Headstone topple tests to be carried out by Parish Clerk and loose headstones laid down
• Quarterly check by PC member and Clerk.
Repairs to be arranged where required
Walls /fencesInjury to public and /or employees due to poor maintenance• Visual checks by Groundsman
• Hazards to be marked by signs /cones
• Signs to inform the public how to report defects
• Quarterly inspection by a PC member
• Rapid response when repairs need doing
GatesInjury to public /employees, especially hand /finger• Gates checked quarterly by PC member – looking specifically at catches /latches
• Groundsman carries out visual checks
Inadequate lightingTrips /falls• Ensure lighting on all all-weather courts and well-used paths /areas is in working order
• Ensure public know how to report lights that are not in working order
Dog FoulingPublic /employees• Educate the public through social media and signageLow
Drug useInjury to Public /employees from sharps• Employees advised not to deal with sharps unless they use appropriate safety equipment
• Prompt response to reports of sharps by public
• Police to be informed

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis.

Next reivew date is September 2020