Thursday 14 Sep 2023 | Local News, Parish Council

Would all residents please note that some resurfacing work will be taking place in the Kilby Road Recreation Ground this week and next week, as follows: –

Thursday 14th September

Contractors will be spraying the weeds in the car park surface as it is necessary to kill the weeds growing in the old tarmac before it can be removed and resurfaced.  Whilst the weedkiller poses no greater danger than other garden weedkiller, the area will be taped off and signs will be displayed. Please keep children and animals away from the taped off area as a precaution.

Wednesday 20th September

Contractors will scrape away the old car park tarmac and weeds.  Site access and safety will be controlled by the workmen on scene.  Anyone wishing to enter the recreation area, please follow instructions and use the pathway indicated.

Thursday 21st September

The car park surface will be prepared for resurfacing.  Please follow instructions and pathway provided if entering the recreation area.

Friday 22nd September

The new car park surface will be laid – again please follow instructions and pathway indicated by contractors if you want to access the recreation area.

All the above work is weather dependant and may need to be rescheduled.