Archived documents 2018-2019

Agendas and Meeting Minutes from 2018-2019

This page contains published agendas and minutes from the meetings held by the Parish Council during the months of 2018/2019. Each file is presented in a .pdf format and you may need to download a .pdf reader to view these papers although, most smartphones, tablets and PCs already have this technology installed.

Otherwise, you can download a free program or application from either your App Store or search the Internet for a ‘pdf reader’ to download.

Date of MeetingAgendaMinutes
14th May 2018 AGMDownload PDFDownload PDF
14th May 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
11th June 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
29th June 2018No Agenda published. Councillor Meeting onlyDownload PDF
9th July 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
August 2018No MeetingNo Meeting
10th September 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
8th October 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
12th November 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
10th December 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
14th January 2019Download PDFDownload PDF
18th February 2019Download PDFDownload PDF
12th March 2019Download PDFDownload PDF
15th April 2019Download PDFDownload PDF
15th April 2019 - Annual Parish MeetingDownload PDFDownload PDF

To view the agendas and minutes from previous years, please click on the following link – archived meeting documents.